Education for Professional Photographer

IPPA's main program is to improve and develop the professionalism of its members so that they can provide photography services of a good standard to the community.
The development program is designed in line with the professional membership level in IPPA.

Photography Business Incubator

Program to find photography potential and talent in various parts of Indonesia
Development of potential photographers through focused education and development programs
Guided and fostered with photography mentors and various other related and supportive fields
"CAPTURE" is one of the successful programs that takes place between 2020 - 2021 called CAPTURE. This program is a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and IPPA.

Determination and Strengthening of the Photographer Profession

As a Professional Association, IPPA aims to place the photography profession in a good and beneficial role for the wider community.
For this reason, IPPA needs to improve the quality of professionalism of its members, not only including skills and insight, but also management and strong photography professional ethics. Thus the work standards of photographers must be in accordance with the qualifications set by the goverment.
Recognition and determination of the photography profession in the eyes of the goverment is also important to achieve the above objectives.

Photographer Professional Certification

Implementing a photography certification program to improve the competency standards of photography professionals so that they can provide standardized and accountable services.
Establishing a Photography LSP that refers to the SKKNI and IPPA professional standards.
Open to IPPA members and the public.

National and International Photography Network

Fostering and developing networks with photography associations both nationally and internationally. This way they can support and strengthen each other in order to achieve a common goal.
Comparative studies and visits to exchange insights and understanding on developing photography issues can be carried out to various associations/similar institutions in various regions or between countries.

Mapping of Indonesia's Photography Potential

Mapping professional photographers who are active in the territory of Indonesia (skills, facilities, field of photography, work value, etc.)
Implemented independently and relying on networks and community involvement (crowd sourcing).
Mapping related photography capacities potential areas in the development of tourism and the creative economy.

Photography Exhibitions and Festivals

Work appreciation programs and visual literacy development for the wider community are carried out in photography exhibitions and festivals.
Activities can be carried out in various parts of Indonesia to increase public literacy on quality photographic works.

Photography Dictionary and Directory

Collaborating with various educational institutions and photography communities/groups in Indonesia to develop an Indonesian Photography Dictionary and Directory.
It is hoped that the material to be disseminated to the public can serve as a reference for professionals, educational circles, and the wider community.
Dictionaries and directory materials can be realized in printed or digital formats online so that they are easy to access.

Indonesian Photography Award

This award is given to people who play a role and contribute to the development of photography in Indonesia.
This award is given not only to photographers, but also to those in various other fields who contribute to the development of photography.

Photography Insights for Communities

Development of insight and literacy for the wider community (laymen) related to photography from various aspects (technology, style, ethics, use of photography, profession, etc.)
It is hoped that the use of the right photography medium can develop in the community and also an appreciation of the photography profession.

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